Photograph of a man & woman standing near their cars after having a car accident. One cars hood has damage after crashing.

In personal injury law, the concept of comparative negligence can have a big impact on your case. What does it mean for you and your potential to collect damages? Here’s what you need to know. What is Comparative Negligence? Often, the party at fault in a personal injury case is…

couple reading about injury

Personal injury lawsuits are filed when one person has been injured accidentally by another. Some common situations covered by a personal injury lawsuit include car accidents and wrongful death cases. This type of lawsuit may go to trial, but more commonly they are resolved out of court through an informal…

individual hurt after car accident injury

No one plans to get into an accident, which might explain why nearly one in eight motorists drive without insurance. But what happens if the person responsible for the car crash is uninsured? Most states do not require uninsured motorist coverage, making it difficult to come out of an accident…

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