Motorcycle crash

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Braeburn

    No matter how much experience you have or how many safety precautions you take as a motorcyclist, you can’t predict what other drivers will do. When another motorist chooses to speed, text, consume alcohol and drive, or is otherwise negligent and causes a wreck that injures, you shouldn’t be forced to pay for their poor decisions.

    With the help of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, you could recover money from the at-fault party to pay for your bills and recoup other losses. At Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC, our Braeburn motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of experience securing significant compensation for victims of motorcycle crashes caused by others. 

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    Benefits of Hiring a Braeburn Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Handle Your Claim

    Many bikers struggle to recover fair compensation after injury crashes. They often have to contend with anti-motorcycle bias and a general lack of familiarity with motorcycle safety, making motorcyclist injury claims uniquely challenging.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. A knowledgeable Braeburn motorcycle accident lawyer can handle every aspect of your claim by:

    • Addressing your concerns and reviewing your options in a free consultation
    • Conducting an independent investigation into the motorcycle accident
    • Obtaining evidence and valuable witness testimony to support your case
    • Communicating with insurance providers and other parties on your behalf
    • Managing claim paperwork and important filing deadlines on your behalf
    • Working with expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction specialists
    • Negotiating aggressively during settlement talks to maximize your claim value
    • Taking your case to court, if the insurer won’t agree to a reasonable settlement

    How Is Fault Determined After a Motorcycle Crash in Braeburn?

    In Texas, accident victims have the right to demand compensation from at-fault parties. It’s not always clear who was at fault in the aftermath of an accident, so investigators commonly rely on evidence, such as:

    • Formal crash reports or police accident reports, if available
    • Photos of visible injuries, vehicle damage, and the accident scene
    • Videos from dash cams, traffic cameras, and other devices
    • Statements from third-party eyewitnesses who saw the collision occur
    • Testimony from experts, such as physicians or crash reconstruction specialists
    • Medical records from your hospital stay, doctor’s visits, and diagnostic tests

    Common Injuries Suffered by Motorcycle Riders in Braeburn

    Motorcyclists are highly vulnerable to injury in any traffic collision, and injuries such as the following are typical:

    • Traumatic brain injuries – Injuries that directly or indirectly damage the brain
    • Spinal cord injuries – Injuries to the nervous system that can result in paralysis
    • Lower-extremity injuries – Injuries to the legs, knees, ankles, feet, and toes
    • Upper-extremity injuries – Injuries to the arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers
    • Soft tissue injuries – Strained, sprained, and torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments
    • Internal injuries – Trauma and puncture wounds to organs and internal bleeding
    • Bone fractures – Simple fractures, compound fractures, and shattered bones
    • Road rash – Friction burns from direct contact with rough surfaces like asphalt