Do I need to hire an attorney after a truck accident?

There is no law requiring you to hire a truck accident lawyer after a collision involving an 18-wheeler. However, not hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is generally a bad idea, especially if you’ve been severely injured.

If you are recovering from severe injuries and have missed work due to a truck accident, seeking compensation from the at-fault party can be challenging without professional legal help. Your focus should be on recovering from your injuries and getting medical treatment. While you take care of yourself, a truck accident attorney can handle the legal legwork.

Hiring a lawyer is also crucial to maximizing your claim. You only have one chance to recover the money you need and deserve. If you try to seek compensation alone and don’t have the proper legal training, you risk being taken advantage of by the other party’s insurance company. With an experienced injury lawyer fighting for you, you’ll have a better chance of maximizing your claim and getting the money you need to move on from the crash.