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Third Party Work Related Injuries

Third Party Work Related Injuries in Houston


Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC represents those who have suffered third-party work-related injuries in Houston, TX. Call 713-489-4410 to schedule your free consultation.


If you are injured at work, you may qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ comp is a state-managed insurance system that nearly all employers are required to provide. It covers the vast majority of work-related injuries, as well as occupational diseases (illnesses acquired as a direct result of employment).


However, in some cases, a third party may have caused your injuries. This means that your employer is not directly responsible, yet you were injured in the course of performing your duties. In some cases, both your employer and a third party share liability. Here’s how it works.


Examples of Third Party Work-Related Injuries


Third party work-related injuries are more common than you might think. Examples include:

  • A car accident when you are driving for work, but the person who hit you is not employed by your company
  • You are working on a job site with multiple subcontractors from different companies, and you are injured by someone who works for a different company than you do
  • A piece of heavy equipment you are operating for your employer fails due to a manufacturing defect


These are just a few of the many ways that you might find yourself involved in a third party work-related injury situation. To ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from all involved parties, it is important to retain a skilled attorney right away. We will investigate the facts of the case to determine who is liable, and work hard to protect your rights.




Third party work-related injury claims are similar to other types of personal injury cases. There are three types of damages that you may qualify for, depending on the specifics of your incident:


Economic damages: These include expenses that can be quantified, such as medical and rehab expenses, lost wages, and loss of future earning capacity.


General damages: General damages are tougher to quantify than economic damages, but they are equally important. These include pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of quality of life.


Punitive damages: Texas awards punitive damages only in clear-cut cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, such as drunk driving.


You are also entitled to compensation for damage to your personal property that resulted from the incident.


Please note that you may eligible for both a workers’ compensation claim and a claim against a third party. For example, a faulty piece of equipment that injured you might have a manufacturer defect, and your employer might have failed to perform regular maintenance on it. Because work-related injury cases are often complex, it is important to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer to fight for your rights.


If you were the victim of a third party work-related injury in Houston, contact Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC today at 713-489-4410 (English) or 713-766-0000 (Español)  for a free case review and consultation.



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