Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC Review For 9 years I tried on my own to get my years of Military Service credited to my civilian Federal Service for retirement, to no avail. I contacted five different Government agencies and all kept pointing fingers back and forth to the other for my information. After contacting Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC and speaking with Mr. Eric Pines we sent a letter to OPM asking for reconsideration. After only two months I heard back from them and they said they were sending the matter to another Branch at OPM. After only one month we received a reply stating that they would allow me to buy back my time. After discussing the issue with Mr. Pines we decided that this would be my best alternative. I have paid back for more than six years of Active Duty and am expecting a payback check of over $40,000.00 and an increase of $400.00-$500.00 per month in my retirement annuity. My experience with Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC has been a joy and pleasure and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone dealing with issues related to the Federal Government. Bravo Zulu, Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC!!!

- Thomas

Mr. Pines answered quickly. I am not a Federal Employee, so was not able to represent me. He did send me a referral to another lawyer.

- Ernest

Mr. Pines was very important during a probation hearing that would determine my fate at my present work position. He quickly learned the case issues and oriented me on what were the pertinent facts to discuss at the hearing. He is smart and understanding and prepped me during the troubling situation. Thank you.

- Roberto

I highly recommend Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC. Attorney Eric Pines is one of Houston’s best Labor Law Attorneys. Attorney Pines represented me during my complex accommodation and equal employment opportunity case. He was very patient, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable of pertinent labor laws and practices. I was very pleased with how he kept me informed of the case throughout the entire process. I received a response to all of my questions, phone calls and emails by close of business during the duration of my case. His staff and Partners are exceptionally skilled and proficient. I am very satisfied with his services and the results that he achieved for my case. I definitely recommend Attorney Eric Pines as your Labor Law Attorney. He gets the job done!!

- Yolanda

Very dedicated team! I highly recommend to any federal employee. Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC is very knowledgeable and helped me resolve an employment issue which resulted in an outcome I couldn’t have achieved otherwise. I’m so happy I hired them to represent me!

- Melissa

Eric Pines and his team are outstanding when dealing with federal employment issues. I strongly recommend consulting him when facing adverse actions from your agency. He will give you an expert and honest appraisal of your situation. He resolved my EEO and wrongful termination complaint in a thoroughly satisfactory manner despite the hostile stance of agency officials. Eric and his team are also very supportive, understanding the anger and frustration many individuals experience in these situations.

- Rick

After spending five years working in a cyberspace engineering position and struggling with progressively worsening spine and chronic pain conditions, I was forced to face the fact that I could not continue. So, with the support of my long-time primary care physician, I began researching various Internet sites along with OPM’s web pages to educate myself on the process and procedures required to apply for FERS disability retirement. While the application process is very involved and carries built-in pitfalls, it can be completed without professional help if one is so inclined. However, given my medical issues and circumstances, I decided the cost involved with obtaining top-notch help was well worth it. I reasoned that the possible outcome of denial and the appeal process could cause financial losses much greater. While having professional support with the application is no guarantee of success, I wanted the best possible case, with the best possible chance for a favorable decision, as I could no longer continue working – and I feel strongly that retaining the support was crucial to obtaining OPM approval.

Eric Pines and my primary interface with Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC, Ms. Cyril Dubin, were immediately dedicated to building my case. Working through the lengthy Q&A process with Cyril turned up details crucial to my application – details that I had completely forgotten about and in some cases even decided were unimportant. Fortunately for me, Cyril saw the value of these details, and folded them into an incredibly powerful statement prepared for my physician to review and sign. This lengthy (nine pages, single spaced) statement was dead-on-target, and my doctor signed it without changing a single word. Later, he commented to me about the quality and presentation method of this statement, saying, “it captured everything perfectly.”

I strongly recommend Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC, and their team of dedicated professionals. Their commitment to my disability retirement application made my case very strong. I credit them for my fast OPM approval.

- Al

I am a former Federal Employee who was involved in whistleblowing case. The agency went after me, eventually after numerous investigations, they put together a case and terminated my employment with one charge being lack of candor.

I initially hired a California based law firm, without doing my homework. But who really does in these matters. The firm seemed professional, had a flashy website boasting years of experience and lead attorney assured me the case would take no more than 4-6 months and I would have my job back.

10 months into my MSPB appeal, the California based firm had charged me three times the normal attorney fees for such a case and was using bullying tactics, threatening to drop my case if I would not settle with Government for virtually nothing.

I reached out to Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC. Late on a Friday afternoon, I was able to reach and speak to Eric. He was patient and took the time to hear me out. As I explained my circumstances and convoluted case he could see through the mire and agreed to review the case. I explained I need someone who could see the merit and being willing to get in the ring and fight for my cause.

Mr. Pines put Stephen Goldenzweig. Stephen jumped on the task. Within a very short time, Stephen had the Government attorney at the table engaged in serious discussions. Within a short time an out of court settlement was reached. My OPM record was cleared and I was able to move on with my professional career.

Not that I would want to ever go through this again, but if I had to I would not hesitate to hire or recommend the Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC to anyone in litigation involving Federal Employment issues. I truly wish I would have contact Eric and Stephen first. I would have saved myself and family a lot of undue stress.

- Michael

When you think your legal battle with the federal government will never have the desired outcome, and you just want to throw in the towel because you are not confident with your attorney, PLEASE FIRST CONTACT PINES & GOLDENZWEIG, PLLC! Mr. Pines and his colleagues are competent & compassionate, understand the stress and strain you are suffering, and have the legal knowledge and fortitude to fight for you!!! They will be forthright with you concerning the merits of your case, while always being respectful of whatever it is you decide. Their diligent work ethic, in conjunction with their true desire to help people not be taken advantage of by the system is inspiring. They understand that legal battles are expensive and ALWAYS keep you apprised of what they bill for by sending you detailed logs of expenditures. I am grateful to them for the outcome of my case!!! I truly cannot say enough about this firm and wish I had found them initially when I was looking for representation. Give them a chance – you won’t regret it!!!!

- Lyn

If you are looking for an attorney who knows the federal service, contact Attorney Pines. I normally do not post review online but I am compelled with Attorney Pines’ service. He is an honest down to earth attorney who would analyze your case and tell you the way it is and what options are available. If your case does not stand or he knows it does not stand, he will honestly tell you to not hire an attorney even though he is an attorney. He speaks to you easily and knows your case very thoroughly. You will receive his full attention. The time and money paid for consultation is well worth it!

- Annie