I was mixed up in a retaliation case and a toxic work environment within a Federal agency. Luckily I researched attorneys and called Eric’s Firm- Through Eric I met Stephen Goldenzweig who handled my case. Stephen is awesome; honest-a good communicator & fair. This firm gave me the courage to stand up to this massive agency and in the end negotiated an excellent settlement that helps me get my life back and recognizes that the agency’s actions were wrong!

- Yawkey

When I was fired, I felt all alone, hopeless, confused, victimized and I noticed that there was no one within my agency could help me. My first conversation with Mr. Eric Pines, I felt like someone really heard me and understood what I was facing.

From the first day I spoke with Mr. Pines, I no longer felt as thou I was in this by myself. Mr. Pines listen to me for four months and shared my pain. I’m trying not to be so personal but I can’t help it. As I write this review, I am literally crying tears of joy. I am so glad I had the opportunity to know him. He is the true example of a lawyer. He was extremely passionate, concern, knowledgeable and professional. Mr. Pines went at this case whole hearted and never gave up until I was vindicated.

I have never met him and I can truly say I love him because he showed love for me first. Thank you so much for giving me a reason to live and go on. Also letting me know there are people out here who still care for others.

- Carolyn

My government employer was threatening to report me to the licensing board. I was completely distraught and unable to fight this on my own I did not know what to do. I contacted a big law firm to discuss this, but I was treated disrespectfully, given no hope and no compassion (I was only a little fish). I left that firm and contacted Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC. From the first consult Eric, Stephen and Aaron were considerate, caring and understood what I was going through. They encouraged me to ask questions, kept me informed of everything going on and absolutely no surprise bills. There were two issues dealt with my employer, first was the report to the licensing board and second was applying for retirement disability. Stephen handled the licensing issue and he called me directly when he received the letter that I would not be turned into the board, I was in a state of shock and so grateful. This is my life, my family and I could not fight by myself…..they fought for me. The retirement disability outcome is still pending and is being handled by Eric, I feel he is doing a wonderful job for me. I would highly recommend this firm, all of these gentlemen made my terrifying situation more tolerable by being kind, professional and caring human beings.

- Susan MY

I want to thank Eric Pines and his staff publicly for taking extra great care and interest in me concerning my federal benefits and OPM application. This has not been easy for me but during this whole ordeal Eric Pines and his staff has been nothing but professional from beginning to end. He and his staff did a fantastic job pulling me through this. My family and I are very happy and appreciative with the quality of services, I received from Pines & Goldenzweig, PLLC. Thank you, Eric Pines!

- Alan T.

I contacted Eric Pines as he was recommended by a colleague. He is very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable in the area of law related to the federal work environment. He took the time to patiently discuss my options. While I did not retain his services at this time, I would in the future if the need arises.

- Client

I have not written a public review for anyone or anything before. However, I wanted to write this in hopes that someone looking for a lawyer could read this, and have the same wonderful experience that I did.

I recently found myself in the most difficult time of my life, I needed an attorney to guide me through the complicated task of applying for Federal Disability Retirement. From my first phone call to Eric and Scott to inquire about the process, to the day that I informed them that I had been awarded my disability retirement, they were 100% professional and caring. They treated me as if I had known them for years, genuinely caring, polite, compassionate, patient (with my endless questions!), and knowledgeable in every aspect.

Eric and Scott exceeded my expectations of them.

They returned phone calls promptly and never ever did I feel rushed with their responses or advice. I felt like I was their most valued client, never sensing that they were too busy to address my concerns. After completing any interaction with them I felt safe, informed, protected, and confident. I felt that they truly knew what to do in each step of the way.
I thank them from my heart for guiding me through a very difficult and intimidating process, I could not have succeeded without them!

- Susan

I’m a federal employee of 16 years and I was confronted with allegations about my behavior that were false or unfounded. The nature of these allegations could have resulted in my termination, surrender of my professional license, and criminal charges. Local attorneys that I visited with about my case told me that I would need to provide them with my employer’s labor policies.

I found out that obtaining these policies is no easy task when dealing with the federal government. Mr. Pines was already intimately familiar with federal labor policies that would affect my employment status.

Mr. Pines was a tremendous asset with guiding me in the preparation of my defense for my interview with the investigative board. He was present via phone during my interview. After a lengthy investigation process the Administrative Board of Investigation cleared me of all allegations and I returned to duty without any disciplinary action.

- John

I have a complicated disability that was difficult to explain and navigate on my own and with my agency. My supervisors were wrongly denying reasonable accommodations and I was becoming physically sick because of it. I contacted Eric early on when I first noticed that there was no one within my agency who would help. (Even though I work in EEO.) I didn’t know if I should file for disability or try to get accommodations so that I could work and I didn’t know who to ask. My agency was sending me in circles and insisting on excessive doctors notes. When I first contacted Eric, it was the first time that I felt like someone really heard me and didn’t just tell me what I should do based on their own interests. He was the 2nd attorney I talked to and I was reluctant to go with someone in another state, but he seemed the most competent.

I’m so glad that I started the process early on and continued because I feel like he helped me make the right steps so that I could keep my job and be made whole. I am so thankful that he was there when I ultimately participated in mediation with my agency. I knew that the way my managers were treating me was very wrong and I knew that it had hurt me tremendously. To be able to just say the “hurt” that it caused me – while he navigated the legal process of whose fault that was and why and what law it specifically violated was priceless. With Eric’s guidance, I not only got accommodations, and a great settlement offer, but I was able to keep a decent relationship with my agency. Their response was one of compassion towards me and not defensiveness, and Eric facilitated that response from them in a way that I couldn’t have done without him.

I highly recommend him.

- Client

I hired Eric Pines for an employment-related issue with my federal employer. This is a somewhat specialized field of expertise, and I had previously had difficulty finding a lawyer with the necessary knowledge.

Mr. Pines was extremely knowledgeable, respectful, and professional. He was incredibly responsive. Every time I contacted him with a question or concern, he was reliably timely in his responses.

With Mr. Pines’ advice and leadership, the conflict with my federal employer was resolved favorably.

I would most definitely hire Mr. Pines again, if necessary. I would recommend him to family and friends without hesitation.

- Client

I would recommend Mr. Pines for anyone’s Attorney. Mr. Pines has assisted in my case a year ago, and he was very professional and knowledgeable of what he is doing. He helped me won the case that I was almost lost over thousand and thousand of dollars. He was easy to talk when there is any concern, and most importantly, he will answer your call or return your call in a time frame manner. Once again, this Attorney is highly recommended.

- Phuong