Eric was honest and professional. Most of all he listened to what I had to say and handled the case in the manner I was comfortable. He asked my opinion and gave me his professional advice. He was with me every step of the way. During my oral response, he was available by phone and was able to help me clarify answers to some questions. His expert handling of my case saved my job. I would highly recommend Eric, especially for complex issues.

- Kenda

Mr. Eric Pines was my Attorney that I hired to represent me in 2011, regarding a situation that could have cost me my career. The first thing Mr. Pines impressed me with, was how easy he was to talk too, and how he negotiated an affordable cost for his services. That also, gave me the option to use other representation in combination with him. He was very open with communicating the legal process. He explained every option I had or did not have and helped me feel safe throughout the process. He was easily contacted by phone or e-mail.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Eric Pines to anyone who is in need of Legal advice regarding employment issues.

Not only is he very competent but he truly cared about me as an individual, “which is unusual in today’s society”.

- Kathleen

I would highly recommend Attorney Pines to represent you. He was approachable and explained everything very plainly. He was honest with the choices I needed to make and gave pertinent information to assists me in making reasonable informed decisions. My outcome was positive and I felt like he was really on my side.

- Client

I have met many lawyers but few have the knowledge or the integrity of Eric Pines. His attention to detail and grasp of complicated matters are second to none. He is an expert in federal employee law and mediation as well as age discrimination and union arbitration. His 16 yrs of experience spoke volumes when he handled my case swiftly and efficiently.

- Dave

El bufete de abogados de Eric Pines me ayudó a resolver con éxito un asunto laboral que me ayudó a recuperar mi carrera en The VA. El grupo legal ha demostrado un conocimiento sofisticado de las complejidades del gobierno federal. Son el grupo perfecto para los trabajadores del gobierno. Ellos son el Equipo de los Sueños, haciendo el trabajo duro para que yo pueda concentrarme en hacer mi trabajo. Fueron minuciosos, pero rápidos para llegar a MI resolución deseada. Recomiendo encarecidamente a Eric, Steven y Aaron. Gracias chicos.

- Cynthia

El Sr. Pines es un profesional consumado… el Sr. Pines siempre me trató con respeto y amabilidad y se nota que es una persona profundamente empática. Siempre fue rápido en responder mis correos electrónicos o llamadas telefónicas y esencialmente me llevó de la mano durante todo el proceso. Lo recomendaría mucho.

- Jessica

El Sr. Pines me ha ayudado en asuntos legales importantes y siempre ha mantenido su profesionalismo y su pasión al hacerlo. Lo recomendaría encarecidamente a clientes potenciales.

- James